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Fruit and Vegetable Food Package News

The WIC Cash Value Voucher/Benefit (CVVB) for fruits and vegetable purchases has been extended through September 30, 2022.  This increase was part of the $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Package Extending WIC Benefit Bump issuing fruits and vegetables at a $24/month for children, $43/month for pregnant and postpartum participants and $47/month for breastfeeding participants.  WIC participants are encouraged to redeem monthly benefits.




Rosebud WIC has begun offering Nutrition Education lessons for re-certifying participants.  These lessons will be available online or on the mobile app and are offered as an alternative to in person or staff oriented nutrition education and an option for required participant second and third contacts.  A variety of lessons will be available to choose from averaging 8-10 minutes in length. Nutrition Education is a Program requirement and an integral component of WIC as it stresses the value of good nutrition and the benefits necessary for healthy growth and development of infants and children. Certificates of completion of each lesson will be available to participants and record of such lessons will be documented. 

For lesson access, participants are encouraged to download the mobile app at NATIONSWIC or online at  An initial log in will be required.   

For technical assistance regarding Nations WIC Mobile App




Rosebud WIC is pleased to announce Online Ordering coming soon to Buches in Mission.  This new shopping option is anticipated to be available midsummer.  Notice of a more definite date will be released in May or June.  The convenience of placing an order and picking it up in designated parking areas will enhance safety measures for shopping participants.

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